Laser Bacterial Reduction

Patient Introduction to Laser Bacterial Reduction
Opt-in for the new standard of care with Epic Hygiene!

Our practice is proud to offer Epic Hygiene Laser Bacterial Reduction to our patients, to help keep your gums healthy and prevent worsening symptoms of gum disease. Periodontal Disease, or gum and bone disease, is a bacterial infection in the gum around teeth and affects approximately 70% of adults!

We now not only treat gum infection by removal of mechanical irritants and diseased tissue but are also addressing the underlying infection that causes periodontal disease. Without preventative treatment, increased bone loss and gum attachment may occur. With that thought in mind, we recommend that you have your teeth and gum tissues decontaminated.

  • Quick, easy and proven Laser Bacterial Reduction helps kill bacteria that causes periodontal diseases.
  • Help kill bacteria that causes periodontal disease and reduce infection before it causes further destruction of gums and bone around your teeth.
  • A comfortable and safe procedure that helps reduce contamination from oral bacteria entering the bloodstream.